RELX Pod Pro 2

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649 sold
Flavor : Dark Sparkle
Nicotine : 3%
RELX Pod Pro 2 Specifications
Nicotine 3%
Pod Capacity 2ml
Puff Count 400+ Puffs
Atomizer Ceremic
Adjustable Function

Compatible with Infinity2


RELX Pod Pro 2: Buy Best Flavored Vapes Online | Vape Disco

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Everything You Need to Know About Relx Pod Pro 2

Welcome to the ultimate pod vape from the RELX collection. Look no further for a vaping experience that is infinitely customizable to suit every mood, personality, and preference under the clouds. RELX has curated a selection of disposable pod vapes that are compatible with the RELX Infinity 2 device that are sure to elevate your vaping game and diversify your flavor collection. 

What Makes Relx Pod Pro 2 Unique?

The Relx Pod Pro 2 is the perfect pod system vape companion for the RELX Infinity 2 rechargeable vape. Users who crave a more diverse and personalizable vaping experience will benefit from the wide flavor collection of closed system pods to choose from, there’s no wonder that the Relx Pod Pro 2 stands as the most versatile vape on Vape Disco’s roster. 

What are the Different Relx Pod Pro 2 Flavors? 

The Pod Pro 2 refillable pod system series boasts an incredible range of flavors. Classic tobacco and refreshing mint are timeless, so for those who appreciate these prime and classic flavors, find quality satisfaction from the smooth, authentic, and vibrant taste of our premium flavored vape pods. Invigorating, revitalizing, and refreshing options for your very own e-liquid vape. 

Beyond classic, you’ll find our creative series takes vape pods flavors to the next level, with our RELX Pods USA providing unique and exciting flavors that push the boundaries of vape taste. Experience unique blends in the newest RELX Pod Pro 2’s refillable pod system like Ludou Ice, a mesmerizing concoction that combines the cooling effect of ice with a hint of sweetness. Are you a fan of fruity? Watermelon ice brings playful, tropical notes to your vape system pod, while our tea flavored Relx pods offer refreshing and aromatic clouds that are distinctly rejuvenating and relaxing. 


What is the RELX Pod Pro 2?

The RELX Pod Pro 2 is a pod system vape that is compatible with the RELX Infinity 2, and provides a myriad of flavors in the form of vape pods.

Can I find RELX Pods in the USA?
Yes, they are supplied in the USA and right here on Vape Disco’s online platform.
Is the RELX Pod Pro 2 rechargeable?

The RELX Pod Pro 2 is a pod system, so it fits into the RELX Infinity 2 device which is, indeed, a rechargeable vape.

Pod System

What is a refillable pod system?
A refillable pod system refers to interchangeable flavored vape pods that can be swapped into a disposable vape. It’s a great way to try many flavors!
What is a pod system vape?

The RELX Infinity 2 is a good example of a pod system vape, as when the 1.9mL cartridge of e-liquid is used, users can discard the old pod and swap in a new one to continue with their seamless vaping experience.

What is the difference between a pod vape and a disposable pod vape?

This is just a matter of terminology. A pod vape and a disposable pod vape are the same system.

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